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AC Installed for Atiskcon Temple of Deities in Gaya | Patna News

Gaya: Notwithstanding that the deities are considered to be above worldly sufferings like heat and cold, the local ISKCON temple management has installed an air conditioner (AC) and four fans near the idols to protect them from the hot weather .
“An air conditioner and four fans have been installed near the idols of RadhaLord Krishna and Lord Jagannath,” ISKCON Gaya Temple Chairman Jagdish Shyam Das said and added, “Gaya is considered one of the hottest cities in India. On average, nearly 200 devotees visit the ISKCON temple every day. Among the devotees, some come from out of state and come here to perform Pinddaan rituals. They are not used to the intense summer heat in this part of the country.
‘Bhog’ is offered six times in front of idols of deities every day. “Although the deities do not consume food, fruit or milk, the ‘bhog’ is offered daily six times as usual as a symbol of love. Likewise, the installation of electrical equipment to se protecting from heat is a symbol of love towards deities,” Das said.
Das said, “The devotees who visit the temple treat the idols of the deities as members of their own family. Some of them bring nice clothes, while others bring cooked food to offer as bhog. They also contribute to cleaning the temple and cooking bhog for the deities.
Apart from this, the Mahabodhi Mahavihara and Vishnupad Temple World Heritage Management Committees have rolled up mats to protect devotees’ feet from the heated marble floor due to the scorching sun. Two water coolers have also been installed at the Mahavihara campus for devotees. Mahavihara Chief Priest Bhikkhu Chalinda said, “In view of the predicted rise in temperature, the carpet has been rolled up around the shrine and on the stairs.”