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Ecommerce HVAC Retailer Expert Superior Home Supplies Publishes Essential AC Unit Coil Cleaning Guide

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with their new Cleaning the AC unit evaporator coil guide, you can be sure that your air conditioning system will continue to operate efficiently and not reduce its operation due to debris, dust and grime.

You can find the full guide on their resource page on their website, which also gives you the latest information on a variety of their other popular products, as well as how to perform proper maintenance or repairs and the best way to ensure their effectiveness and longevity.

Maintaining efficiency

To keep your air conditioning system running efficiently, it is imperative that you carry out the necessary cleaning and regular maintenance required so that simple faults do not lead to complete system failures.

Superior Home Supplies has included this vital information and more in its AC Unit Evaporator Coil Cleaning Guide to provide you with the essential tools to keep your system running smoothly without the need for an expensive professional technician.

How often should an evaporator coil be cleaned?

Your air conditioning system must be able to transfer heat from the inside to the outside efficiently, but when the evaporator coil becomes covered in debris, dust, and grime, this heat transfer process will be affected, resulting in a reduction in the energy efficiency of your system.

To make sure this doesn’t happen, you should clean your evaporator coils at least once a year, ideally before any drastic weather changes.

Types of evaporator coils

To know which coil to buy if your system needs repair, it is important to become familiar with the different types of evaporator coils and where the coils will be placed.

  • Vertical evaporator coils – These are usually associated with a vertical air conditioning system, which moves air with an upward and downward motion. The coils in these systems will condense the heat from the pretreated air into water, then direct the water to the drain and reduce the humidity in your home.
  • Boxed evaporator coils – The tubed evaporator coils will be placed horizontally and surrounded by a metal casing. These are the most common coils found in residential systems and do the same job as vertical evaporator coils but in a different shape and size.
  • Evaporator coils without casing – These have similar characteristics to the other two evaporator coils mentioned above. The main difference is that they don’t have a protective case around them. This feature makes them easier to customize and can change the shape of the coil to match their unique designs.

When should an evaporator coil be cleaned?

There are some signs that the cleaning the evaporator coil in your air conditioning system no longer works efficiently, including:

  • Reduced cooling capacity – When your evaporator coil is dirty, one of the main warning signs is reduced cooling capacity, as it means the heat transfer process has been impacted because your coil cannot effectively cool the air .
  • The system works longer – If your coils need cleaning, this can cause your system to work harder and run for longer cycles.
  • Your coils have frost – Frost buildup occurs when your coil is dirty enough to cause a potential failure. If left uncorrected, it can cause the heat transfer process to stop altogether and prevent your system from providing cooling.

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